Federal Election 2021

GLES in the 2021 federal election

For the 2021 federal election, GLES is again collecting a variety of data. This includes surveys of both voters and candidates. Here we provide a brief overview of the data GLES is collecting for the 2021 federal election and when it is expected to be available.

Planned data pre-releases

Before the pre-release, the data is subjected to an initial control, check and cleaning. This includes, but is not limited to, the comprehensibility and completeness of the labeling, the correct coding of the values, the adjustment to the missing value scheme of the GLES, the addition of further meta- and paradata and the exclusion of variables that are problematic in terms of data protection.

ZA-numberTitleQuestionnairesRelease Dates
ZA7700Cross-Section (Pre-Election)german | englishreleased (Pre-Release)
ZA7701Cross-Section (Post-Election)german | englishreleased (Pre-Release)
ZA7702Cross-Section (Pre- and Post-Election)Correspondence listreleased (Pre-Release)
ZA7703Rolling Cross-Sectiongerman | englishreleased (Full-Release)
ZA7708Tracking, T50germanreleased (Full-Release)
ZA7704Candidate Studygermanreleased (Pre-Release)
ZA7717Nomination Studygermanreleased (Full-Release)
ZA6838Panel, Waves 1-15 german | englishreleased (Full-Release)
ZA7722Panel, Wave 16german | englishreleased (Pre-Release)
ZA7723Panel, Wave 17german | englishreleased (Pre-Release)
ZA7724Panel, Wave 18german | englishreleased (Pre-Release)
ZA7725Panel, Wave 19german | englishreleased (Pre-Release)
ZA7726Panel, Wave 20german | englishreleased (Pre-Release)
ZA7727Panel, Wave 21german | englishreleased (Pre-Release)
Panel, Control Group I to Wave 17not available yetFall/Winter 2022
Panel, Control Group II to Wave 19not available yetFall/Winter 2022
Panel, Control Group III to Wave 20not available yetFall/Winter 2022

Overall, the design of the conducted study parts of the GLES 2021 has not changed fundamentally from the GLES 2017. Information on the survey, etc., can be found at the beginning of each questionnaire and under the Design section of this homepage.

The GLES cross-section is an exception. This was conducted in 2017 as a face-to-face study. Due to the Corona pandemic, we have adjusted the design for the 2021 federal election. There will still be a pre- and post-election cross-section based on a multistage register sample with oversampling for eastern Germany. This year, the cross-section will be conducted in a mixed-mode design of web-based (CAWI) and written (PAPI) surveys with an interview invitation by mail and two reminder letters. For the age group 69 and under, a push-to-web design is used, with respondents receiving a paper questionnaire only with the second reminder letter. For the 70+ age group, the invitation is sent at the same time. In addition, invitations for the pre-election survey are sent in three installments over the survey period of approximately 5 weeks, rather than simultaneously. For the post-election survey, all individuals are invited after the general election.

In addition, the GLES Nomination Study for the 2021 federal election systematically collects information on the nominations of constituency candidates of all parties currently represented in the Bundestag with parliamentary faction status for the first time as part of the GLES. The information is collected through online research, an online survey of the parties, and through the provision of data by individual parties.